Hi again everyone! thatsmapizza here with another comic. This time I'm going to talk about this comic in a different way I did last time. So, could I get some feed back on which style is more appealing?

Today I'm going to cover one of my favorite mangas I have ever read; well, that spoils if I'm going to recommend this or not. Anyways, One Punch Man is a parody of most shounen super hero mangas. It follows the titular one punch man, Saitama, as he defeats criminals, meets new friends, and deals with his daily life, but the twist is that Saitama is literally the most powerful character in the manga from the get go. So most of the comedy comes from the fact that Saitama breaks most of the typical tropes in the shounen genre and reaction faces.

The Art:

My god is this art nice. It feels like the mangka poured all his heart in soul into each and every panel. Every single action scene beautifully drawn and you can feel just how much stuff is going on in each action scene.

Also, the art is used for comedic affect. Specifically, the comedy in the art comes out when Saitama is in the manga because usually he's drawn very simply, which contrasts the detailed art of rest of the manga. This further enforces the fact that the hero of this manga is kinda a doofus, but still a badass at the same time.

The Characters:

The characters in this manga are extremely fun to see in action and they are incredibly funny. Saitama is just pure comedy and action gold. He's so powerful and good at being a super hero that he's extremely apathetic towards any adversary he faces and often times he ends each fight with some silly comment or just saying the dumbest things whenever there's a tense situation because he's more interested in taking care of his daily issues that fighting giant monsters

The other characters in the manga are pretty good too, especially Saitama's apprentice, Genos. Genos is basically a foil to Saitama. While Saitama is simple; Genos is detailed. While Saitima is ridiculously OP; Genos is strong, but mostly ineffectual. These contrasts outline the tropes of the shounen genre and flip them on their heads in an absurdly funny way.

The Writing:

Simply put, the writing in this manga is pretty smart. The manga knows it's a parody of the shounen genre and knows how to work it into a funny situation or further detail what an element in the shounen genre means. For example, in chapter seven, Genos details his back story in two giant blocks of exposition before Saitama interrupts him and tells Genos to summarize his story in ten words or less.

The only down side to this style of writing is that there can be parts of the manga that are thick with exposition and in general I dislike walls of exposition.

The Pacing:

Though this wasn't a problem in the original One Punch Man, OPM started off as a web comic with significantly worse art, this version of One Punch Man has some problems with pacing. The manga has a very bad habit of ending chapters in the middle of action and while this can be annoying, it really takes me out of the manga. Though this was a pretty large problem for me, it's not a huge problem in the long run because this only happens about three times in the series.

One Punch Man is great manga. It's able to parody the shounen super hero genre, while building interesting characters and having fun. Also, the art is beautifully done and not only is it eye candy, but it's also used to reinforce the themes of the manga itself. Though there are some flaws with the manga, there are way too many good things about the manga that it's really easy to over look.

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