Man, it’s been quite a while since I jumped onto TAY. I’ve mostly been hanging around AniTAY to relax since I’ve been more consistent about watching anime that playing new games.

Anyways, what I’d prefer for a secret santa gift would be the first volume of a manga series that is moderately obscure or a gift card for steam of the itunes store. What I mean by a obscure manga series is a manga that hasn’t been adapted into an anime or most of the series from shounen jump. If a manga series meets these criteria, I’ve most likely already tried the series. I’m particular about this criteria is because I spent a good time of my high school and college career reading various manga series on different scanlation sites and I always loved finding a good manga that I’ve never heard of.

Seven Seas Entertainment is a good place to look for one of these mangas because they publish a lot of out there mangas. I would recommend staying away from Viz though since they carry mostly shounen jump series.

Lastly, I tend to like fantasy novels above all else because I was weaned of the Harry Potter series and my love of the genre has been strong ever since.

If you don’t have the time to go down the rabbit hole of manga series, I wouldn’t mind getting a gift card for the steam or the itunes store since I have a good amount of things I’d like to get from either store.


Also, please do not get me any collectibles or shirts. I don’t have any space left to place collectibles in my room ever since I started to collect amiibos and I’ve gotten too many shirts from conventions that I don’t have space for them in my dresser.

This is my first secret santa I’ve ever participated in and I’m looking forward to how it’ll turn out :P



Looking for:

-First volume of a manga series I’ve never heard of (preferably that’s a fun series). Seven Seas Entertainment would be a good place to find these obscure mangas


-Gift card to Steam or itunes

-Anything else you think would be cool

Don’t want: